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Hooves choose it.

New Zealand’s largest range of specialist surfacing products for dairy cows, horses, deer, and beef cattle.

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Reduced Lameness

Lameness is a significant issue in the dairy farming industry. A promising solution to this challenge is the use of rubber mats.

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Reduced slipping improves cow confidence and productivity. Our farmers report up to 95% reductions in slipping.


Rubber matting is more than a surface to walk on. It improves cow flow by making the trip to the milking shed comfortable.

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Pugging is a major issue for dairy farmers. NumatAGRI customers report up to 95% decreased pugging after installing our mats.


Our Customers

Find a Numat farm near you

There are thousands of Numat customers throughout New Zealand. It’s likely there are a few near you. If you’d like to speak one, let us know, and we’ll send you a list of reference customers you can call.


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