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Saving $20K on Tracks Every 3-5 Years at Taupiri Holdings

Ohinewai, Waikato

Located in the green Waikato region, is Taupiri Holdings. A local dairy farm milking 1000 cows on a 50 bail rotary. 

In 2022, owner James contacted NumatAGRI to have some rubber matting installed on the races in and out of the milking shed. The daily traffic to and from the shed twice a day slowly continued to wear the tracks and the maintenance costs were becoming expensive.    

“Before rubber matting, it was costing $20k every 3-5 years to scrape the race off and put more stock rock down. By the end of the 3 years, it was a bit of a mess [the tracks]. Some big holes. Especially right at the exit of the yard.”

The large potholes created an uneven surface that was not very safe for the cows to walk through, resulting in a number of lameness issues. 

NumatAGRI’S DairyGrip provided the perfect solution for James. The heavy-duty rubber was laid out and anchored on the races and now provides protection to the surface underneath, while also creating a more comfortable, non-slip track for the cows to walk on. Installing rubber has also helped keep the races looking a lot tidier and keep lameness down.  

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