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Let’s talk horse comfort and safety, starting with the right matting for your horse float. This guide is all about helping you provide the best comfort and safety for your horses, so you can make an informed decision. Numat Agri has got your back with a range of tough and versatile mats specially made for horse floats and trucks. Let’s take a closer look at each option.
Which stable matting option is best: Kura, Karera, of DoubleStud? Prioritizing comfort, safety, and ease of maintenance for your horses.
In the highly-competitive world of thoroughbred racing, success is often determined by the slimmest of margins. It’s a world where every advantage counts, and where professionals continually seek innovation to keep them ahead of the pack. One such "advantage" that’s taking the thoroughbred racing world by storm is the Kura Stable Matting. This revolutionary product is designed to provide those essential one percenters, giving your horse the upper hand come race day. Here’s a deep dive into the five ways this matting system stands out.
Constructing an off-paddock facility involves crucial decisions and detailed planning. Getting the wrong type of facility or design can be incredibly costly. Being aware of common mistakes can save you time, money, and ensure the long-term success of your project. Here are some additional key points to consider.
Horse walker mats are an essential component for horse training facilities, ensuring the safety and comfort of the horses during their warm-up and cool-down routines. But how much do these mats cost? And what factors influence their pricing? Let's find out.
This article answers the question, "How much does stable rubber matting cost?" and outlines why some mats are more expensive than others.
This comprehensive guide delves into the various off-paddock facility options, their benefits, challenges, and costs, providing you with the necessary insights to make informed decisions.
In the evolving landscape of dairy farming, off-paddock systems are emerging as pivotal tools for many farms. In this article, we take a look at the main types of systems available in New Zealand: compost barns, open feed pads, free stall barns, and loose-housed barns; the pros and cons of each, and which is right for your farm.
The rubber matting on your dairy feed pad is more than just a surface; it's a crucial component in ensuring cow comfort and safety.
Explore the slip resistance of dairy farm track matting options like DairyGrip, Cow Carpet, and V-Grip, and their impact on cow safety and stability
Many dairy farmers are now turning to rubber matting for their yards, but how much does it cost? We've got the answers for you.
Discover how rubber mats in dairy farms benefit cow health, ease maintenance, enhance durability, and yield significant ROI by reducing lameness-related costs and boosting milk production.
Discover the benefits of DairyGrip, Cow Carpet, and V-Grip matting for dairy tracks to prevent cow lameness, save costs, and ensure optimal farm management in this post.
Explore NumatAGRI's journey in revolutionizing rubber matting with the Kura mat, enhancing animal welfare and operational efficiency in dairy, equine, and deer sectors over 25 years.
Learn how improving cow flow with rubber matting like NumatAGRI's 'Cow Carpet' and DairyGrip enhances milk production and farm performance by ensuring cow comfort and track durability.
Discover the benefits of Numat's Rubber Stable Mats: save time, reduce costs, and enhance comfort for horses, making your stables quieter, warmer, and easier to maintain.
As the leader in agricultural rubber matting in New Zealand, NumatAGRI has always championed innovative uses for recycled rubber. Today, we’re delighted to announce our latest step towards environmental sustainability and community support – our involvement with the Sustainable Fun For Everyone initiative.
Discover how NumatAGRI's rigorous testing of top-quality rubber mats, like the YoungStar, is revolutionizing the Australian beef industry, as showcased in our latest video.
For many dairy farmers, rubber matting for their feed pad is a crucial investment. Interestingly, the price difference between the top-tier and the lower-end mats on the market is small – a mere $20 a square metre. With such a narrow price gap, understanding the value and cost dynamics becomes essential. This guide offers a comprehensive look into the factors influencing the cost of rubber matting for feed pads.
Rubber matting in dairy yards has revolutionized the dairy farming industry by providing a safer, more comfortable environment for dairy cows.
Today, we’re going to be discussing two calf trailer mat options we offer at NumatAGRI. We have a new arrival, the AirStud, and the trusty SureFoot that has served farmers well for years. Let’s look at what each mat has to offer.
Lameness is a significant issue in the dairy farming industry that impacts both the welfare of cows and the productivity of farms. A promising solution to this challenge is the use of rubber mats.
Explore the benefits of NumatAGRI’s HerdHome® Slatmats: a warm, safe, and customizable surface solution, enhancing cow comfort with easy installation.
Learn how quality rubber matting creates a calm, safe farm environment, reducing stress and injuries in cows during high-pressure situations like milking and transport.
When it comes to running a successful dairy farm, safety should always be a top priority. One way farmers can create a safer work environment for themselves, and their staff is by installing rubber matting in the milking shed.
Discover how NumatAGRI's rubber matting improves cattle handling and farm operations in our video, answering the top seven questions about its benefits for Australian farms.
NumatAGRI's anchoring system guarantees secure, stable rubber mat installations, ensuring a tight, seamless surface that endures for years.
Learn about the benefits of anti-fatigue pit matting in our video, including cost, options at NumatAGRI, and answers to frequently asked questions.
If you’re thinking about installing rubber matting on your farm, one of the most important things to consider is the thickness of the matting you’re using. To make the search for your ideal rubber surfacing easier, we have put together a short video explaining matting thickness; why it matters, how we measure it, and how we test our mats.
Discover how rubber matting in cow yards not only enhances safety but also saves on maintenance costs, as we answer the common question about pricing.
Explore strategies to optimize cow flow during milking, reducing stress and improving herd efficiency, health, and milk production in our latest article.
Discover how rubber matting aids in efficient pasture management, ensuring healthy grass and comfortable surfaces for livestock during wet weather.
If you’ve spent any time working in the dairy industry, you’ll know that the discussion around lameness is a bit of a tricky one. There are a lot of opinions floating about out there.
Anchored rubber mats have some notable advantages over loose laid rubber mats when it comes to dairy farm surfacing.
Learn from vet Neil Chesterton about increasing cow confidence and reducing injuries by ensuring comfortable, non-slip surfaces around dairy sheds.
We’d all like to reduce the fuss and stress that comes with getting cows through milking time. To do this…
Discover six ways to prevent foot abscesses in deer, including checking surfaces, using protective matting, and maintaining cleanliness and optimal feeding conditions.
Explore the science behind anti-fatigue matting: how firm, thick rubber mats encourage muscle movement and blood flow, reducing discomfort from prolonged standing.
Maximize farm efficiency with rubber matting for stand-off pads: a cost-effective, comfortable alternative to expensive off-pasture solutions, preventing pasture damage and cow lameness.
Learn how installing Numat's anti-slip rubber matting can transform slippery stable floors into safer, more comfortable surfaces for horses and handlers alike.
Discover how rubber matting enhances cow mobility and hoof health, offering a safer, more comfortable alternative to traditional concrete flooring in dairy systems.
Learn how Numat's Rubber Stable Mats save time and money, offering a warm, quiet, and comfortable flooring solution that's durable and easy to maintain.
Explore six key details for happier, healthier cows and improved milking productivity, including optimal herd management and comfortable waiting conditions in yards.
Understand how stress in and around the shed impacts farm productivity and learn ways to reduce stress for both animals and yourself in this insightful article.
Numat’s range of equestrian matting is specifically designed to provide safer flooring surfaces for horses and humans. The benefits are well proven, but where do you start when considering equine rubber matting?
Most Dairy Farmers are constantly investigating numerous ways to save time and costs on the farm – ways to free…
All dairy farmers know that standing off cows from pasture protects your pasture and promotes future pasture growth as pasture…

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