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Dairy Feed Pad Matting Case Study | Richard van Ras Family Farm


Dairy Yard Matting Case Study | Rex Hines’ dairy farm in Motumauoho


Dairy Underpass, Entry/Exit, and Holding Pens Mat Case Study | Isla Bank Farms


Dairy Yard Matting Case Study | Swanslea Farm in Kopaurahi


Dairy Lane Matting Case Study | Little Ben Station


Dairy Yard, Entry/Exit, and Platform Mat Case Study | Kaimanawa Farms


Normandy Land Interview with PJ Williams


Cows Love Numat!


Cow Carpet Installation


Concrete vs Rubber Which Would You Prefer to Walk On?



Raincliff Station Deer Shed



Wilson Sisters Stable Matting.


Rubber matting at Almaree Park Equestrian Centre.


Numat Equine Matting Range


Horse walker matting in action!



Numat's products being put to test.


See how our custom mats are cut to precision.