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What is a Feed / Stand-Off Pad?

A feed/stand-off pad is a designated hard surface area, often located near the dairy shed, specifically designed for feeding supplements and/or loafing of cattle. It serves as a reliable off-paddock solution, ensuring cattle have a consistent area to feed, irrespective of weather conditions.

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Pros and Cons of Building a Permanent Feed Pad



Streamlines the feeding process.

Pasture Protection:

Reduces pasture damage and maintenance costs.

Feed Management:

Minimizes feed wastage.


Initial Setup:

Requires significant earthworks for proper slope.


Feed pads need regular cleaning.

Lameness Risks:

Potential for injury if cows are confined on inadequate surfacing.

Options: Roof or no roof?

Choosing between a roofed or open feed pad depends on your farm’s specific needs. While an open feed pad is more cost effective, a roofed variant offers shelter from the elements, ensuring cow comfort year-round. Additionally, a roof eliminates rainfall-related effluent issues.

For some farms, expanding the size of the effluent pond can be a viable and economical alternative to roofing the feed pad. This approach can effectively manage the additional runoff without incurring the significant costs associated with constructing a roof.

Options: Surfaces

Different surfacing options cater to varying needs
Soft Bedding:

Materials like straw and woodchips are comfortable but require regular maintenance and replacement.

Rubber Matting:

Durable, easy to clean, and provides a comfortable surface for the cattle. Ideal for use with scrapers or flood wash systems.

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