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Straight Edges 
Width: 1220mm |  Length: 1820mm | Thickness: 17mm 

Interlocking Edges on Longest Sides  
Width: 1180mm | Length: 1800mm | Thickness: 17mm


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Product details

AirStud is an ergonomically designed pit mat that delivers proven comfort, grip, and safety. The uniquely placed under-studs creates an air cushion for your feet, providing multiple health and comfort benefits over time for milkers and animals. With the ability to be cut to create interlocking edges, the mats can fit tightly together, making your pit easy to clean and get rid of any trip hazards.
The square stud top surface works to reduce slip, while the rounded base corners makes for easy wash down. The studded underside provides premium cushioning to take the pressure off your feet, legs, and back.
This is a great matting option for the milking shed pit, as well as animals trailers.

AirStud is made from recycled rubber and goes through a unique vulcanisation process that ensures the mats are fully sealed and won’t hold moisture or bacteria.


Recycled Rubber

Slip Resistant


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