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Productivity in the shed is up, milking times are down

Hastings, Hawke’s Bay

Central Hawkes Bay dairy farmer Eliot Cooper says purchasing ComfortZone foam pit-mat flooring from Numat for his 30-a-side herringbone cowshed has been a great investment.

“In terms of bang for buck it’s some of the best money I’ve spent in years. This product is so good I think it should be mandatory in every herringbone cowshed.” Eliot was impressed with the pit-mats at last year’s Fieldays and had them installed in his cowshed by springtime.

“The pit-mats provide a far more comfortable work environment for my four staff than walking around in gumboots on concrete floors. The feedback from them has been great. They all love the mats and reckon it’s like working on a sports turf.”

“The team are as fresh when they’re milking the last row of cows as they were milking the first. They are able to move so much freer on the matting and can stand up for far longer than on the cold concrete.” As an employer, Eliot appreciates the improvements to the health and safety of his team since installing the product.

“The soft mats create a warmer, quieter environment. They also have anti-slip features for improved safety. This makes them attractive from an OSH perspective.”

He says cleaning up is a breeze with just a simple hose-down required. The mats have also stood up well to dairy shed detergents and chemicals.

After gaining such impressive results with the pit-mats, Eliot says his next step is to install matting on the dairy platform to achieve some of these production and animal health gains. “We are looking to build another shed and will definitely factor the rubber matting into the plans.”

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