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Transforming Dairy Operations at Whakamaru Farm

Whakamaru, Waikato

Steve Hines and his wife, Donna, manage a large-scale dairy operation at Whakamaru, milking
780 cows on a rotary platform constructed in 1997. When they took over the farm in 2008, they
encountered significant challenges due to the platform’s slippery, echoey steel surface, which
was originally designed with a checker plate that had worn smooth over time.

Challenges Faced

The primary issues Steve faced included:

  • Safety Concerns: The slippery steel surface was noisy, causing discomfort and hesitation among the cows, particularly the younger heifers. This not only affected the smooth operation of milking but posed serious safety risks, with cows occasionally slipping and falling off the platform.
  • Veterinary Risks: During veterinary procedures and artificial breeding (AB) work, there was a risk of injury to both the cows and the veterinary staff, with potential for the vet or technician to have their arm trapped due to a cow slipping.
Solutions Provided

Recognising the need for a durable and safe solution, Steve opted for NumatAGRI’s rubber matting after receiving and reviewing promotional material that highlighted the product’s benefits and reliability. The decision was further reinforced by the informative and reassuring
technical brochures provided by NumatAGRI, which addressed all of Steve’s concerns. “Their information answered all my questions in a way that gave me confidence in the product,” Steve remarked.

"Their information answered all my questions in a way that gave me confidence in the product."


NumatAGRI’s response was comprehensive and client-focused:

  • Customisation: The mats were tailored to fit around existing structures on the platform, including wetted waves, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.
    Professional Installation: NumatAGRI handled the measurement, customisation, and installation of the mats, demonstrating professionalism and attention to detail throughout the process. “I just told them what I wanted and left them to it. It was just how they conducted themselves that gave me the confidence I’d chosen the right company,” Steve commented on the installation process.

The installation of NumatAGRI’s rubber matting brought significant improvements:

  • Enhanced Safety and Comfort: The matting provided stable footing for the cows, reducing slips and falls. This improvement was especially beneficial during milking and veterinary procedures, greatly reducing the risk of injury.
  • Operational Efficiency: With a more comfortable and secure environment, the cows became calmer, which facilitated smoother milking operations and potentially increased milk production.
  • Long-term Partnership: Steve’s experience exemplifies NumatAGRI’s commitment to not just selling a product but fostering a lasting relationship through excellent customer service and proactive maintenance. “The mats have now been in for 12 years, and we’re about to turn them over to give them another 10 to 15 years of life,” notes Steve, reflecting the durability and longevity of the solution

"Thinking about my whole experience with NumatAGRI, I would fully recommend the product."


At NumatAGRI, we are dedicated to enhancing the daily operations of farms like Whakamaru Farm. Our collaboration with Steve Hines has demonstrated how tailored solutions can significantly boost safety, efficiency, and comfort in dairy farming. By focusing on the specific needs and goals of our farmers, we strive to deliver products and services that genuinely improve farm operations and animal welfare. Our commitment is to support dairy farmers in achieving their operational objectives with reliable and effective solutions.

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