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Revitalizing Sydney International Equestrian Centre with Kura Mat

Sydney, New South Wales
The Objective: Upgrading an Iconic Venue with Kura Matting

The Sydney International Equestrian Centre, an iconic venue that has served since the 2000 Olympics, recently marked its 23rd birthday. Tasked with rejuvenating this aging facility, CTQ Group was contracted by the NSW’s Office of Sport to undertake a significant matting upgrade. “The two fundamental reasons why we upgraded the matting on this venue was for the aesthetics and for horse comfort, and also for reduced waste usage of straw and stable matting,” explains Blake Williams from CTQ Group.

The Product: Kura Matting – A Solution that Checks all the Boxes

After extensive research and consultation, CTQ Group chose NumatAGRI’s Kura for the upgrade project. “We used the Numat Kura for a total of 146 stables,” says Blake. The choice of Kura was rooted in its unique blend of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability.

"Previously they would go through six or seven bales. Now they are reduced down to two to three bales which reduces costs and also reduces landfill."

The Installation: Seamless Process with Significant Results

With delivery from New Zealand to Australia being “fast and easy,” the Kura mats provided an interlocking system that eased the installation process. The result was a rubber matting that perfectly suited the Centre’s concrete flooring. “The installation process was quite relatively easy, and overall this rubber matting definitely solved all our issues out here,” Blake adds.

The Impact: Reduced Costs, Increased Comfort, and a Boost in Sustainability

The new Kura mats have brought about a significant decrease in straw usage. “Previously they would go through six or seven bales. Now they are reduced down to two to three bales which reduces costs and also reduces landfill,” shares Blake. This reduction not only led to significant cost savings but also contributed positively to waste management and environmental sustainability.

Conclusion: A Successful Upgrade for Long-term Benefits

The Kura matting upgrade project at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre proved to be a tremendous success. The benefits of the Kura product were clearly visible in the improved aesthetics, enhanced horse comfort, and considerable reduction in straw usage and waste generation. “There’s been zero issues of drainage or waste collection between the mats,” Blake comments, further showcasing the product’s effectiveness.

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