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Putting a Stop to Swollen Legs at Thornicroft Station

Thornicroft Station, Otago

In 2016, the staff at Thornicroft Station were experiencing a major problem with their mob’s legs. A lot of deer were showing up at the shed with swollen joints due to time spent on concrete. It was becoming a major issue as lame deer were costly to treat. Managing the problem was placing a drain on staff time and energy.

Station Manager, Lindsay Cunningham, was on the lookout for a solution. He had seen Numat deer matting advertised at his local PGG Store in Outram and wondered if this could provide the answer.

Lindsay knew it was important that whichever surface solution he chose it had to be durable and slip-resistant.

“The matting is as new today as it was the first day we put it in.”

After checking out Numat’s Unimat interlocking rubber tile, Lindsay took the leap and installed it throughout his sheds and on his concrete yards.

It wasn’t long before he saw results with the matting living up to its reputation for toughness and comfort.

“Numat exceeded my expectations, firstly in the installation and then how the product performs,” says Lindsay.

Lindsay says the real challenge to the matting has been the high numbers of deer running across it on a regular basis.

“We have 3000- hinds that we put through our shed at least 4 times a year, as well as weaners, stags and other deer. The matting is as new today as it was the first day we put it in.”

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