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A Rational Decision For Northbank Station Deer

Rakaia, Canterbury

Experience counts. When Adam and Sharon Waite took over the reins of Northbank Station, a 577-hectare deer finishing farm in Rakaia, the experienced deer farmers immediately spotted an opportunity for improvement.

Having used Numat product at a previous property, the couple was keen to avoid the devastating effects of damaged hooves by installing rubber matting in the deer sheds.

“If deer get tears or damage to their feet, straight away you’ve lost an animal,” says Sharon. “You can’t treat them. Deer can’t handle it like a sheep or cow can.”

“The thick rubber matting makes it a lot quieter in the deer shed.”

- Sharon Waite

By installing UniMat the couple has safeguarded not only the welfare of the animals but also their own sanity. Running 500 deer through a shed made of solid steel and a concrete floor is a recipe for deafening noise, panic and stress. With UniMat, the working day is much more pleasant for everyone involved.

The couple was also “very impressed” with the installation process.

Installation took just three days to lay matting in the shed, loading ramps and weighing area, as well as improve the drainage system. Ensuring less noise, less skidding and less damage to animals at every stage, Numat matting has made a dramatic improvement to operations.

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