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A Big Reduction In Numbers of Lame Deer

Te Awamutu, Waikato

Brian and Jacqui Wellington are renowned for their forward-thinking approach to deer farming, a rigorous, details-focused mind-set that has paid off with happy animals and increased gains for their large operation east of Te Awamutu.

One such detail that had been troubling the couple was the amount of deer displaying leg problems, the case of which was often due to their scraping of feet while trying to escape the shed.

“The thick rubber matting makes it a lot quieter in the deer shed.”

With over 3500 deer using their shed “the matting we had was too soft and deteriorating too quickly,” said Jacqui. The couple therefore looked further afield and was quick to see the benefit of Unimat the thicker, more durable matting the perfect fit for their requirements.

After close to two years since Unimat installation the matting remains in excellent shape. The number of lame animals has decreased markedly and the general nature of the animals is calmer than before. The field days the couple regularly hold on their 621-hectare farm are an occasion to show off the difference.

There were some unforeseen added bonuses too,” said Jacqui. “The thick rubber matting makes it a lot quieter in the deer shed,” she said.  “And at the end of the day it also makes a big difference on our legs too – it’s a lot easier compared to walking around on concrete all day.”

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