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JC Blake Stops Cows Slipping with Kura Mat

Tirau, Waikato


This case study showcases how Warren Craig, a share milker for JC Blake Ltd. based in Tirau, significantly improved the health and productivity of their herd through the installation of Kura’s agricultural rubber matting.

The Challenge

Warren Craig and his wife, Andrea, manage the dairy operation milking 385 cows year-round. The intensive production system, with all-year feeding, was causing increased foot pressure amongst the herd, leading to lameness issues.

“I noticed our cows were getting lame due to pressure on their feet. The back feet tended to get white line problems – stones and dirt would get into the cow’s sole, causing a cavity-like issue. We needed a vet’s intervention frequently, which was stressful for us and the animals,” says Warren Craig.

Solution: Kura’s Agricultural Rubber Matting

In response to this challenge, Craig turned to Kura’s agricultural rubber matting. The aim was to relieve the cows’ feet, mitigating the abrasiveness of the concrete floor, and thereby reducing the frequency of lameness.

“We put in the Kura mats, hoping to take the brunt of the impact away and relieve some stress on their feet. We wanted to reduce the number of lame cows,” Craig explains.

“The mats are softer under the cows' feet while milking, and provide a good grip; the cows don't slip on it, and we don't slip on it either.”

Results: Healthier Cows and Improved Farm Operations

The results were outstanding. Following the installation of the Kura mats, Craig noticed a decrease in the number of lame cows in the herd.

“This season, we feel the mats have proven their worth. They’ve definitely taken pressure off their feet,” says Craig. The additional benefits were just as important, with Craig noting, “They are easy to clean and have improved the lameness problem. The mats are softer under the cows’ feet while milking, and provide a good grip; the cows don’t slip on it, and we don’t slip on it either.”

Conclusion: Kura Mats – A Worthwhile Investment for Dairy Farms

For JC Blake Ltd., the benefits of Kura’s agricultural rubber matting have been evident. The health of their cows has improved, the cows are more comfortable, and the farmers have seen enhanced operational efficiency. 

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