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The Winning Edge in Thoroughbred Racing: Kura Stable Matting

In the highly-competitive world of thoroughbred racing, success is often determined by the slimmest of margins.

It’s a world where every advantage counts, and where professionals continually seek innovation to keep them ahead of the pack. This relentless pursuit of excellence is about more than just training techniques and nutrition; it’s about the culmination of small advantages that often tilt the scale in one’s favor. These advantages, or “one percenters”, can be the difference between a triumphant win and a disappointing second place.

Introducing: Kura Stable Matting

One such game-changer that’s taking the thoroughbred racing world by storm is the Kura Stable Matting. This revolutionary product is designed to provide those essential one percenters, giving your horse the upper hand come race day. Here’s a deep dive into the five ways this matting system stands out:

1. Comfort for Your Champions

The unique design of the Kura mat, featuring soft rubber studs, offers an unparalleled air cushion effect. This means even a traditionally hard concrete floor is transformed into a plush surface for your horse. The increased comfort ensures your horse rests and stands happily, enjoying a superior quality of life even with minimal bedding.

2. Reduced Bedding Costs

The enhanced comfort provided by the Kura matting system directly translates to reduced bedding requirements. Not only does this mean tangible savings in terms of bedding costs and labor, but it also ensures you can allocate your resources more efficiently elsewhere.

Lyndsay Park Racing’s Kura mats have been down for 15 years and are still going strong.

3. Exceptional Non-Slip Surface

Safety first! The Kura mat boasts a mosaic-like textured surface, ensuring unparalleled traction. Be it in wash bays, walkways, or tie-ups, this mat ensures that horses move confidently, reducing the risk of accidents.

4. Stress Reduction for Serene Performance

A comfortable and safe environment naturally translates to a calmer horse. And a calm horse is more manageable, more focused, and better prepared to face the challenges of race day. Reduced stress levels pave the way for optimal performance when it counts the most.

5. A Decade of Assurance

The Kura matting system is not just about immediate benefits; it’s an investment in the future. Backed by a 10-year warranty, this matting is designed for longevity. No more frequent replacements, saving both time and money in the long run.

Dabernig Racing in Warrnambool use Kura mats in their stables.