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DairyGrip vs Cow Carpet vs VGrip: What’s Best For Your Dairy Track?

vgrip mat on a dairy track

Taking care of dairy tracks is a common headache for farmers. Without the right solution, maintenance costs can skyrocket, and the risk of cows slipping and becoming lame increases. Fortunately, there are several matting solutions available, each tailored to specific track scenarios. In this blog post, we’ll break down three popular options: DairyGrip, Cow Carpet, and V-Grip, to help you make an informed decision.

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For Steep Sections: V-Grip

Steep sections in dairy tracks are often a nightmare for farmers. The inclined areas can become muddy slides, leading to lame cows and disrupted cow flow.

For steep, slippery sections, V-Grip is highly recommended. This rolled rubber matting features V-shaped lugs with enough space between the lugs to catch the hoof. With its free-draining grip pattern, it’s designed to allow water to run off, maintaining its effectiveness in reducing slippage even in wet conditions.

Depending on the width you need, the cost of laying a high-quality, high-grip mat like V-Grip can range from $5,000 to $14,000 per 30 meters.

Key Takeaway:
For inclined or steep areas, look for a rolled mat with high lugs, like V-Grip, to prevent slipping and maintain integrity under pressure.

vgrip mat on a dairy track
V-Grip helps prevent slipping on sloped tracks.

For High Traffic Areas: DairyGrip

High-traffic areas combined with rainfall can result in either “bony” or waterlogged, “soupy” tracks, posing challenges for both farmers and cows.

DairyGrip mats, which come in 1.8m x 30m rolls, are a premium recycled track rubber solution. With a thickness of 30mm, these mats are built to last for decades.


  • Long-term elimination of track maintenance
  • Increased cow flow and comfort
  • Decreased incidence of lameness
  • Reduces stones from being carted onto the yard

The cost to cover 30m of track with DairyGrip can range from $4,000 to $15,000, depending on the width of the rubber coverage.

DairyGrip is a heavy duty and highly durable option for tracks.

For Budget-Friendly Options: Cow Carpet

Farmers often seek economical, shorter-term options for stabilizing tracks without compromising on benefits like cow safety and reduced maintenance.

Cow Carpet, made from durable needle-punch material, comes in 6m x 30m rolls. The main function is to stabilize the soil and prevent the wash away of fines after heavy rainfall. It also reduces fine stones from being dragged onto the yard.


  • Protects track from becoming bony or mushy
  • Saves time and money on repeated track maintenance
  • Reduces stones from being dragged onto the yard.

The cost to cover 30 metres of track with Cow Carpet will be approximately $2,500 and it generally lasts between 4-6 years on a dairy track.

Cow Carpet is a lightweight and economical solution for dairy tracks.


Every dairy track presents its challenges, whether it’s steep terrains, high-traffic zones, or troublesome conditions like soupy or bony tracks. Choosing the right matting solution can improve cow flow, drastically reduce maintenance costs, and improve on-farm efficiency. Whether you opt for V-Grip for steep sections, DairyGrip for high-traffic areas, or Cow Carpet for a more budget-friendly option, the key is to align the solution with the specific needs of your dairy track.

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