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Quality Testing: The Secret Behind the Success of Our Mats

At NumatAGRI, we’ve always focused on manufacturing and supplying top-quality rubber mats. Here, rigorous testing has played a key role in our products becoming a trusted name in New Zealand. But now, we are taking our testing methodology and top-quality products to the expansive Australian beef industry.

Many of our New Zealand customers wouldn’t know this, but our YoungStar mat, designed and developed here in New Zealand, is fast becoming the leading product used in the Australian beef industry. Check out our video where Carl, our Toowoomba based consultant, shows our testing facility.

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Quality Testing: The Backbone of Our Confidence

It’s one thing to claim quality, but at NumatAGRI, we back it up:

MPA Testing: This isn’t just a number. It tells us how strong our mats are, ensuring they’re built to last in the heavy traffic of cattle facilities.

Abrasion Test: A testament to our mats’ resilience, this test ensures they stand up to daily wear, no matter how intense.

Durability Test: Nicknamed the ‘Hoof Stomper’, it’s our gold standard in assuring longevity.

Success in the Australian Beef Industry

Australia’s beef industry is diverse and expansive. We didn’t just introduce a product there; we introduced a solution. Drawing on feedback and insights from the industry, we’ve designed our YoungStar mat to address the unique challenges Australian beef farmers face. And it is through our rigorous testing program that we ensure our mats have the durability to perform at the highest level in this high-pressure environment.

NumatAGRI's YoungStar mat is fast becoming the leading rubber surface for the Australian beef industry.

Bringing It Back Home

Why is this story important for our New Zealand audience? Because it’s a testament to Kiwi innovation and quality. It shows that when we set our minds to it, we can create products that not only serve our local community but also make waves internationally.

It’s with your belief in our products that we’re able to embark on such rewarding journeys, taking world-class rubber matting solutions to international markets. For more stories and updates, stay tuned to our blog.