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NumatAGRI Joins “Sustainable Fun For Everyone” Recycling Program

As the leader in agricultural rubber matting in New Zealand, NumatAGRI has always championed innovative uses for recycled rubber. Today, we’re delighted to announce our latest step towards environmental sustainability and community support – our involvement with the Sustainable Fun For Everyone initiative.

Turning Waste into Playtime

Rubber waste is a global challenge, and at NumatAGRI, we see it as an opportunity. Our involvement in this unique program stems from our commitment to sustainability. Rather than discarding rubber offcuts and old rubber matting, we’ve embarked on a mission to give them a second lease on life – as parts of vibrant playgrounds for children. This is not just recycling; it’s about creating safe and joyful spaces where memories are made.

National Spotlight on Sustainability

The commitment and innovation behind this initiative haven’t gone unnoticed. Recently, this initiative was showcased in a Stuff article on how Numat is revolutionizing the recycling of matting into playgrounds. It’s a testament to the collective hard work and vision of everyone involved. If you haven’t already, click here to read the full story.

Numat marketing manager Jon Coursey, left, Francine Spencer, centre, and CPlay volunteer Roselyn Fauth at Timaru's under construction CPlay showing the recycled rubber matting for the playground - image courtesy of Stuff.
Rubber offcuts are processed into usable rubber granules at the Numat recycling plant in Oamaru.

Choosing NumatAGRI: A Step Towards A Circular Rubber Economy

In this day and age, every choice we make as consumers and businesses has a ripple effect on the environment. When you choose NumatAGRI, you’re not just opting for quality agricultural rubber matting. You’re actively participating in a larger vision – the creation of a circular rubber economy in New Zealand.

The essence of a circular economy is simple but profound: extract maximum value from resources while in use, and then recover and regenerate those products and materials at the end of their life cycle. By transforming rubber offcuts and old matting into innovative playgrounds, we’re making strides in this very direction. Every product you purchase from us completes a full circle – from being valuable in agricultural settings to bringing joy in playgrounds, and all the while, benefiting our planet by reducing waste.

By selecting NumatAGRI, you’re not only investing in durability and excellence but also in a sustainable future.