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Calf Mats: Our New AirStud Mat and the Trusty SureFoot

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Today, we’re going to be discussing two calf trailer mat options we offer at NumatAGRI. We have a new arrival, the AirStud, and the trusty SureFoot that has served farmers well for years. Let’s look at what each mat has to offer.

AirStud: Our Latest Addition

The AirStud mat is our newest product. It’s a tough, solid mat that doesn’t have any holes, but it has raised studs on top to help prevent slipping. What’s unique about it is the air-filled sections underneath. These are designed to provide a comfortable surface for the calves during transportation.

The AirStud mat comes in a 1.2 by 1.8 metre mat, or for those who prefer, 4 foot by 6 foot. These should fit into most calf trailers nicely. It’s made to keep the calves comfortable during their journey.

SureFoot: The Tried-and-True Option

Now, let’s talk about the SureFoot mat. This mat has been around for a while and has proven itself time and again. The main benefit of the SureFoot mat is its drainage holes, which keep the surface drier.

Just like the AirStud, the SureFoot mat has small studs underneath to add a bit more comfort. It comes in one size of 1 meter by 1.5 meters, and thanks to its straight edges, you can put several together without them moving around in the trailer.

You can cut both the AirStud and the SureFoot mats to fit your specific trailer.

Here at NumatAGRI, our goal is to provide you with the best products that make your work easier and ensure the comfort of your calves. If you need help deciding which mat is right for your calf pens or trailers this season, get in touch. We’re always ready to help you. Until next time, happy farming!

For more information on the advantages of rubber matting solutions, please check out our “Benefits of Dairy Rubber Matting” guide (click the image below) or contact us directly 0n 0800 686 119.