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All you need to know about: NumatAGRI Slatmats

NumatAGRI’s HerdHome® Slatmats are quickly becoming a popular surface solution for farmers across New Zealand 

These HerdHome® Shelter slat mats are designed to give cows a warmer, safer alternative to harsh concrete slats. They are free-draining, anti-slip, and with NumatAGRI’S patented rubber peg fixing system, they’re easy to install and uninstall as needed. 

Slatmats are a fantastic choice for farmers who are looking for a comfortable, clean, and safe surface for their cows to stand and lie on. The slats can be custom cut to fit the specific needs of each farmer and their animals, creating a surface that is warm and safe.  

In this article we’ll share with you all there is to know about NumatAGRI’s Slat mats, from how they are made, to how to install them in your HerdHome® Shelter.  

How are Slatmats made?

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The raw rubber mats used to make NumatAGRI’s are imported into New Zealand from Germany. These sheets are then cut using a water jet cutting machine at our manufacturing plant in Oamaru. By using a water jet cutter, Numat can customise the mats to any width required, creating slat gaps unique to the requirement of each farmer.  

One of the most significant advantages of these slat mats is their ability to keep cows comfortable and dry. The slatted design allows urine and waste to drain away, keeping the top surface of the mat clean and hygienic. This means that cows are less likely to suffer from foot and leg problems caused by standing in damp or dirty conditions. 

The custom-cut slat gaps give farmers the option to choose the size of the gap depending on the animals that will be on the mats. For example, a smaller 36-millimetre-wide slat is ideal for cows that might be calving, springers, or smaller animals as the thinner gaps keep hooves from slipping through the gap and causing injury. 

How to install your Slatmats:

Installing NumatAGRI’s Slatmats is quick and easy. Here is a quick step-by-step process for installing your slat mats: 

All you need is a hammer, preferably an upright vertical hammer, your mats, and the pegs.  

Each slat mat comes with twelve pegs, which are made up of two pieces. We recommend keeping the rubber pegs in a bucket of water before installing them.  

To begin, place the rubber peg into the plastic peg end and push it in slightly. Next, slot the full peg into the peg gap in the mat and use the vertical hammer to push it in.  

The purpose of the pegs is to keep the mat flat when the cows are crossing over or lying down and standing up. 

It is important to install the pegs correctly to ensure that the mat remains flat and sturdy. If the mat is not anchored down, it may become loose and create an uneven surface for the cows.  

Once all the pegs are installed, treat the mat like a regular concrete surface. The only difference is that it provides a comfortable and safer option for your cows. 

To find out more about NumatAGRI’s Slatmats and surfacing options give the team a call on 0800 686 119, flick us an email, or fill in the form on our contact page.