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Why Rubber Matting Will Save You Time and Money

dairy yards with rubber mats

Most Dairy Farmers are constantly investigating numerous ways to save time and costs on the farm – ways to free up time for essential on-farm maintenance tasks, and ways to cut back on unnecessary and ongoing costs that will increase their farm’s overall turnover in the long term.

At Numat, we’re dedicated to supplying premium quality, thicker rubber matting for dairy farms which decreases the risk of falls and injury reduces lameness and hoof wear and provides a warmer, softer, quieter environment for animals and farmers that ultimately increases milk production.

But there’s another major benefit of installing Numat rubber matting on feed pads, stand-off yards, and tracks – it saves maintenance time and costs.

Here’s how:

1. With Numat surfacing, your first cost is your last cost

With a one-off product and set up investment cost, you’re saving on any ongoing costs of constantly replacing surfacing such as bark or woodchip.

2. Long-lasting product lifetime and guarantee

We fully guarantee the quality of Numat matting for up to ten years. That’s peace of mind for you knowing that you’re not having to put aside any time and money towards constant maintenance and surface upgrades.

3. Reduces yard, feed pad, and track maintenance downtime

Rubber matting significantly reduces any ongoing daily maintenance time required over against alternate bark or woodchip surfacing. Here’s a daily routine for maintaining feed pads with woodchips; (source DairyNZ2012)

  • Before the pad is needed: the stand-off pad should be topped up with bedding materials before the onset of the wet months. Replacement of 1m3 of sawdust or 0.5m3 of woodchips per animal is recommended.
  • During use: scrape the top off the pad once or twice during the period of use.
  • After use: at the end of use, the pad needs to be scraped down to a firm / clean surface – usually 400mm below the pad surface. The remaining bedding should be ripped to allow drying over the summer months, before being topped back up with fresh material. With Numat matting, you’ll be saving hours on steering clear of all of the above ongoing maintaining procedures. All you’ll need to do is a quick clean down of your feed pad after use.

4. Quick and easy to clean

Cleaning down after use simply requires a mechanical rubber scraper to clean off faeces then simply wash off the rest. The non-porous, vulcanised surface gives you a much quicker and easier clean.

If you are considering investing in dairy matting, it’s time to call Numat now.  Give us a call today on 0800 686 119 for a free estimate or fill out our online form by clicking here.