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Cattle Yard Mats

Numat natural rubber yard surfacing replicates the feel of real pasture, immediately putting cows at ease and taking pressure off their hooves. This makes your cows less likely to slip or develop lameness.

Product: Kura

Product: Legend

Product: Double Stud

Dairy Yard Matting Benefits

Cows are calm and relaxed and produce more milk.

Improves cow flow through the yard and into the shed.

Provides grip which reduces slipping and falls.

Non-porous rubber mats are easier to clean than concrete.

Soft rubber takes pressure off cows hooves reducing lameness.

Rubber mats provide a viable stand off pad for use during wet weather.

Rubber cleans faster than concrete saving precious water.

Rubber cleans faster than concrete saving precious time.

Dairy Yard Matting Solutions

Made from 3mm thick plastic, FlexiShield comes in rolls that are 1.2 x 10m in size.

W: 1200mm x L: 10m
Thickness: 3mm

$295.00 + GST

Premium interlocking mat with mosaic profile and thick studded base.

W: 850mm x L: 1190mm
Thickness: 25mm

Premium quality checker-plate surface with a soft studded base.

W: 920mm x L: 1070mm
Thickness: 25mm

Economically priced multi-use mat with thick rubber studs on both the surface and underside.

W: 1000mm x L: 1000mm
Thickness: 23mm

$89.00 + GST

Premium interlocking mat with a quad-surface profile and thick multi square base.

Width: 1000mm | Length: 1000mm | Thickness: 20mm

Further Case Studies

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Further Case Studies

Reducing lame cow problems and making wash down easier

Morven, Canterbury

Hugh got Numat’s Kura Rubber Matting installed in 2020 to help reduce the number of cows going lame and to improve cow comfort and welfare.

Read full case study

Further Case Studies

An End to Sore Feet in the Yard

Matamata, Waikato

“Sore feet” is the straightforward answer given by Gordon David when asked the reasons behind his purchase of new matting for his 300-strong dairy herd.

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Further Case Studies

No More Slipping For The Cows Of Kaimanawa Farm

Kurow, Canterbury

A major reduction in lameness and a big increase in cow comfort – it’s a good news dairying story straight out of the Waitaki Valley.

Read full case study

Further Case Studies

Increased stand-off time with Kura matting

Tirau, Waikato

Bryce Anderton was faced with a number of lame cows when he first moved farms. When he moved a second time he was determined history wouldn’t repeat. That meant making quality rotary and stand-off matting a top priority.

Read full case study

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Dairy Lameness

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Download this free handbook!

The benefits of rubber matting.

This free handbook showcases 14 real dairy farms and reveals how rubber matting has helped reduce lameness, improve cow flow, and provided a vital pasture management tool.  

How much will it cost?

How much will it cost?

If you’re looking for a price on a specific mat, or volume pricing on multiple mats, we recommend you get in touch with our sales team. They have the experience to match the right mat to your situation.