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Siesta is a specially designed rubber mat for feed pads, stand-off pads, and general loafing areas. Other products on the market only have 10mm of rubber thickness at their thinnest point. With 60% more depth at its thinnest point, Siesta has the staying power needed for long-term cow comfort.

Width: 1150mm | Length: 1725mm 
Thickness: 30mm | Thinnest point: 16mm

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Product details

The Siesta loafing mat is designed to provide cows with the ultimate in under-hoof care, ensuring immediate relaxation and long-term health. With its waffle-shaped, air-cushioned underside, the Siesta surface provides superior comfort and softness for loafing.

Ideal for use on feed pads, stand of areas and anywhere else cows need to rest on concrete, the heavy-duty recycled rubber construction of this mat makes it a popular choice for New Zealand farmers.



10 Year Warranty

Recycled Rubber

Slip Resistant


Increased loafing time

Look underneath the Siesta and you’ll find the renowned waffle-shaped, air-cushioned base. This unique design provides immediate support to cows and encourages loafing.

Built to last

The tensile strength of rubber indicates how much force or stress a rubber material can withstand before breaking. This is measured in terms of MPa (the force in megapascals). Having MPa readings double that of the competition makes Siesta the best choice for dairy loafing mats.

More grip, less slip

With additional grip comes extra stability. With extra stability there’s less chance of injury. Less of this means healthier cows, greater productivity and better returns.

Recess anchored

Siesta is recess anchored to ensure absolute stability and drive on strength. With no hard edge around the outside of the pad, everything locks into place without compromising everyday comfort.

Improved cow welfare

Concrete is hard, cold, and unforgiving. With soft, warm Siesta installed, your cows will be in better condition and more productive. 

Pasture management

With comfortable Siesta you can keep your cows off pasture for longer, ensuring your grass gets enough time to recover properly between grazing demands.

Easier to clean than concrete

In a recent case study, Numat rubber matting helped reduce cleaning times and water usage by up to 30% compared with concrete. 


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