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Register for the Borries' Wintering Pad Field Day

Tuesday, 9th April 2024
11:00am – 2:00pm

Borrie’s Dairy Farm, Waitaki Plains
(address will be emailed to you after registration)

An informative day at the Borrie’s new wintering pad. Discover first-hand how Michelle and Rogan kept their cows on farm over winter and maximised feed utilisation for better cow health and higher milk production.

Get all your questions answered…

  • Is this type of system right for my farm?

  • How much did feed utilisation increase?

  • What was the increase in milk production?
Plus, a free steak sandwich and craft beer!

Who will be there?

Rogan and Michelle Borrie 
Farm Owners 

Logan Fergusson
Share Milker

Bart Greypen 
Construction Site Manager for NumatAGRI 

Jacob Judd 
NumatAGRI Construction Consultant

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