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How a Kurow farm stopped pugging with Cow Carpet

Kurow, Canterbury

Waitaki dairy farmer, Hamish McFarlane, had a continual issue with pugging on the lead on race to his herringbone cow shed. Annual maintenance costs were becoming a burden and Hamish was looking for a better solution.

We introduced Hamish to our recent innovation, “Cow Carpet”. It’s manufactured to suit lanes and comes in 5.2m wide rolls – ideal for his application.

“The cows love it. There have been no rips or tearing and no mess – after a bit of rain it looks as good as new.”

Since installing Cow Carpet Hamish’s lanes have been held in good condition – but that’s not the only benefit of installing it. Treated with a specialized antibacterial agent, Cow Carpet reduces hoof disease and it’s soft padding underfoot is very gentle on cows hooves. It’s large size and the fact that it’s all in one piece make installing it easy.

Cow lanes  take a lot of wear everyday and in winter can quickly become muddy and hard to manage. Treat your lane and cows to a better surface with Cow Carpet.

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Further Case Studies

Happy Cows on Cow Carpet

Te Puke, Bay of Plenty

Entrance and exits can take a lot of everyday wear and tear, becoming muddy and awkward for the cows and those looking after them. For Trent Hayman of Koromiko Dairies, the problem was compounded by the surface of the laneways on his farm.

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Reducing lame cow problems and making wash down easier

Morven, Canterbury

Hugh got Numat’s Kura Rubber Matting installed in 2020 to help reduce the number of cows going lame and to improve cow comfort and welfare.

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Kura Rubber Mats Saved His Farm

Hauraki Plains, Waikato

Wayne says KuraMat on his feedpads saved his farm. The wettest Waikato winter in 30 years meant he had to standoff his cows for a solid month. The result? He came through it with no cow losses, no pasture damage and no worries while others in the region without similar matting really suffered.

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