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Enhancing Farm Safety and Efficiency at Weirburn Farms

Te Aroha, Waikato

Stephen Weir, owner of Weirburn Farms, faced a decision point when choosing the right flooring solution for his farm’s dairy platform. With durability and safety in mind, he opted for Kura matting, which promised a longer lifespan and better overall value compared to a cheaper alternative.

Challenges Faced

The primary challenge was the need for a reliable and safe surface that could withstand the daily rigors of a dairy operation. The existing surface was hard concrete, which was not only uncomfortable for the cows but also posed risks of injuries from slipping or tripping.

Solution Provided

Milan, a representative from NumatAGRI, visited the farm while working nearby. After considering two options, Stephen chose the more durable solution despite its higher initial cost, recognising that it would be cheaper in the long run due to its longevity and fewer replacements.


The installation process involved extensive preparation such as drilling many holes and securing the matting with pins. Stephen appreciated that the Kura matting was neat and tidy upon installation, ensuring that nothing on the dairy platform, including the dung buster on the back end, would get caught up or trip over it.


After 18 months of use, the Kura matting has shown no signs of lifting or damage, maintaining its condition under constant use. The matting provides a significant comfort advantage to the cows, particularly during the winter when they might need to stand on the platform for extended periods. Stephen noted the peace of mind that comes from knowing his cows are happier and safer standing on rubber instead of hard concrete.

"If you're going to spend a lot of money, it's got to be money well spent, so I'm pretty sure we've got that. Yeah, I'd certainly recommend it to other people."


The installation of Kura matting at Weirburn Farms has greatly improved safety and operational efficiency. The decision to invest in a high-quality product has paid off, providing lasting benefits and enhancing the welfare of the animals. Stephen Weir’s experience serves as a strong testament to the value of investing in durable, high-quality solutions that offer both immediate and long-term returns, making Kura a recommended choice for other farms looking to enhance their operations.

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