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C M Farming Finds Solution to Wet-Day Challenges with Kura Mat

Te Aroha, Waikato


Manawaru-based dairy farm, C M Farming, managed by Carl Thomas and Margaret Boyle, has found a reliable solution to challenges faced on wet days. The farm, spread over 100 hectares, houses 350 jersey cows and has been in operation since 2010.

The Challenge

Carl Thomas described the issues they faced, stating, “Before we put the matting in, we had that hesitation of standing them off for long periods. We’re here in Manawaru, and on wet days, I just wanted to get away from having to leave them in the paddock, risking damaging pasture and things like that, slipping and stuff like that, and we also have cows that will calve on here at times.”

Solution: Kura’s Agricultural Rubber Matting

The solution came in the form of Kura Mat. This rubber matting aimed to reduce pasture damage and improve cow safety.

After its installation, Carl observed, “For the first couple of times, the cows noticed the noise, and it was a bit like a clapping noise, so they were a little bit wide. But after another couple of days, they were familiar, and there were cows sitting down on it, waiting to be milked.”

“Definitely would recommend it. Yes, definitely recommend it as a good product, and I definitely plan to put it onto other parts of the yard.”


Safety was a notable improvement. “The biggest problem was any cows that would get staggers would just not be able to stand up on the pad because it would get slippery, and they lose their confidence, and they’d just go down. The Kura Mat stopped that straight away,” explained Carl.

Operational routines also saw a change. Carl detailed, “So in the morning, they’re coming up here at about four o’clock. They’ll have their pats and mill on the pad at the moment, and most of them will always stand on here instead of standing on the aprons. They only stand on the aprons when they’re ready to be milked pretty much.”

Regarding his overall experience and recommendation, Carl is clear, “So far, I think it’s been a very beneficial mat for us. Definitely would recommend it. Yes, definitely recommend it as a good product, and I definitely plan to put it onto other parts of the yard.”

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